Our decades of experience in organizing and hosting events has made us the first choice for a number of leading global event organizers

Whether you want to build an open viewing platform from all directions to increase footfall and attract more visitors, to provide a more integrated experience with your target customers, Evolution Platform will provide you with various ideas and special designs that help you achieve your goal, and the Evolution Platform team will work to achieve your vision exactly as you wanted it to be. Our team has extensive experience in catwalk design, have a thorough knowledge of our complex, prioritize advertising objectives throughout the design process, and take into account the latest industry trends, materials, technologies, and activities planned to promote them in your stand. We have a proven track record of building all types of exhibitions stands especially large open-space, two-storey stands and huge national pavilions. Once the design is completed, the team of engineers and technicians Specialists can implement it quickly, which means providing a platform that meets your goals and desires in the shortest possible period of time .Equip your stand by renting the best furniture After creating the podium, it’s time to arrange it from the inside and furnish it with furniture suitable for guests, and the organizer of the exhibition is always the first point of contact to talk to him about the furniture required for the podium. For more options, you can see more options on our website. Audio, lighting and technical services bring your stand to life Whatever your technical needs in your platform, leave it to us. We have an expert team that understands that technology plays an important role in how you present yourself to your current and potential customers, and our mission is to always make you look your best.


To think beyond the expected and to create beyond the ordinary.



Serving the local market and bringing the latest technology to organize and implement exhibitions and conferences, establishing restaurants and cafes projects, and equipping companies and commercial headquarters in Saudi Arabia